Recalibrating Rachel – February 17, 2015

 Recalibrating Rachel


My dad used to say, “If you wish away your work day, you’re wishing away one third of your life today.”


Most of us dream about getting to do what we love someday. Some of us get lost in the rigmarole and can’t remember what excites us. Many of us feel confined by finances or family obligations. And some of us are just plain scared of risk and failure. I once read this in The Artist’s Way:

 “Where will you be in six months if you fail? The same place you would be if you don’t try.”

Over and over we hear, “Just do what you love and everything else will work out.” Or “Trust your gut and just do it.” Turns out it’s guidance because more often than not, IT’S TRUE. IT’S CORRECT. And it’s scary. Living a life of passion doesn’t come with a how-to manual. Change takes courage and risk, and it takes success stories. Success stories such as those of Dan Blank and Rachel Fershleiser.

I recently took a class on establishing my author platform with Dan Blank at We Grow Media. I look forward to his weekly newsletter and am continuing to learn about writing and branding, and he simply inspires me—Dan walks his talk. He’s had to trust his gut, just do what he loves, and assume it would all fall into place. He shares his journey and challenges in his post, On Risk in Writing.

“…I became obsessed with how you create a bridge from one version of your life to the next. How you can take proactive action to create the life you want, instead of merely reacting to the world around you—the one laced with messages of fear.”

Spoiler Alert: Dan is successfully doing what he loves. Besides coaching established and aspiring authors both privately and in courses, he is writing his book titled, Dabblers vs. Doers about “working through RISK as you develop your craft and build a meaningful body of work.” This is a Vitality Stories Lesson for sure and I’m looking forward to reading his book.

As part of his research, Dan’s been doing Podcasts and most recently one with Rachel Fershleiser, a member of Tumblr’s outreach team and she is SO MUCH MORE, but I want you to hear her story yourself. If you want a first hand account by someone who has taken risks and made choices in her life to nurture enthusiasm, growth, and joy for what she is doing, then you don’t want to miss Dan Blank’s interview with Rachel Fershleiser where she shares her adventure and her intuition, “If I’m not on the path I want to be, it’s not going to get easier to change it.”

Two people engaged in an interview, both creating a path of purpose and passion–so worth it and perfect for Vitality Stories. Enjoy!

Link to Dan’s post and video:


You can find Dan and Rachel at the below locations:

Dan Blank: We Grow Media

Rachel Fershleiser:

Thank you!

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