Big News and New Ways!

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Dear Friends,

I’ve taken the plunge.

First things first … no, I’m not getting married. But I have made a potentially life-changing commitment to someone.

After a series of events that I can only call serendipitous, I have a literary agent to find a publishing house and home for my precious third novel, Finding Imogene.

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What 4 Deaths In 5.5 Months Have Taught Me

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What 4 Deaths In 5.5 Months Have Taught Me

In the past five months, I’ve lost four loved ones—people I cared deeply about and who influenced my life in uncountable ways, including my mother who died of COVID-19 on December 7, 2020. Before now, I didn’t know grief could stack up the way it has, and I’m not the only person grieving. Millions of people are aching with me.

As you read my thoughts below, you or someone you know might be in mourning. If so, I’m sorry. This letter is for you and yours.

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A Book Review of HOME MADE by Liz Hauck

Home Made by Liz Hauck

HOME MADE: A STORY OF GRIEF, GROCERIES, SHOWING UP—AND WHAT WE MAKE WHEN WE MAKE DINNER by Liz Hauck is a must-read memoir about a young woman, a teacher, who commits to a project in order to feel closer to and understand her dad after he dies unexpectedly at the young age of fifty-seven.

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No, It’s Not For The Best

Dear Friends,

My mom, Bonnie Case, passed away from COVID-19 on December 7, 2020. Her local, and her most beloved newspaper, The Nevada Appeal, shared a letter I wrote about her heartbreaking and avoidable death. Click here to read it. Special thanks to journalist Teri Vance for using her column to humanize COVID-19 victims.

Please wear a mask. Care about one another. Stay safe and thanks for being you.


GREAT BEGINNINGS: 45 Free Chapters for You!

Great Beginnings: An Anthology is here! More than thirty authors have joined together to share the first chapters of their books for free, especially for you. We hope you find new authors and books to add to your must-read pile, and who knows, maybe you’ll even find gift ideas for your friends and family. Happy reading.

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I’m in Jane Friedman’s Blog!!!

Wow! I’m “in” Jane Friedman’s blog. JANE FRIEDMAN!! My author friends are freaking for me right now; I can feel their energy. I’m honored that Jane Friedman posted Michelle Melton Cox’s article about building an author platform where she used me as an example. ME. Michelle, if I could hug you right now, I would.

Thank you so much, Michelle, Jane, Author Accelerator (for the chance to be a writer-in-residence for the Author Accelerator Membership Circle), and Jennie Nash, Abby Lamb Mathews, and Terri LeBlanc.

To my author friends, Michelle Melton Cox’s advice is actionable and spot on. And you can learn more about Michelle here.

And as always, thanks to my readers. Go, Tiger Drive!



Check out the new cover for Tiger Drive

Tiger Drive New Cover

Enter to Win a Goodreads Giveaway of IN THE DOGHOUSE

Entry runs until November 14th (my birthday!). If you win, the book can br signed for you, or even for a dear one as a holiday gift. At this time, the giveaway is limited to US residents per Goodreads’ guidelines.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

In the Doghouse by Teri Case

In the Doghouse

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Giveaway ends November 14, 2020.

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