Finding Imogene – My Current WIP

Finding Imogene by Teri Case
Finding Imogene (2021)

For forty years, Winnifred Jerome has expected to hear two pieces of news. First, that cancer has returned to finish the job it failed to do decades before. Second, that the police have found Imogene.

Winnie’s childhood best friend vanished when they were ten, ripping a hole in Winnie’s heart that never healed. Despite her best efforts, Winnie hasn’t built honest or intimate relationships with anyone since, including her son and daughter, and she’ll never forgive her father for the role he played in Imogene’s disappearance. Worst of all, she blames herself for turning her back on Imogene when Imogene needed her the most.

When cancer comes knocking with a vengeance, Winnie knows she can’t rest in peace until Imogene can too. Will a burned-out private investigator and Winnie’s adult children be the heroes who give Winnie the answers and forgiveness she longs for or will finding Imogene give each of them far more than they can imagine?

In her third novel, award-winning author Teri Case explores the dislocation of persona in today’s society, and the fear of being forgotten, the potency of purpose, and the power of forgiveness.

The Status of Finding Imogene

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