My Favorite Place in Norway

Image: Fjaerland, Norway

My Favorite Place in Norway


Dear Friends,

Norway has a “Booktown!” With a population of only three hundred people (a majority of which live in a retirement home), they turned all of their abandoned buildings into Little (sometimes big) Free Libraries and used book stores!

Little Free Library in Booktown, Norway
Image: Used Bookstore in Booktown, Norway
Image: Used Bookstore in Booktown, Norway
Image: Books in Booktown, Norway
Image: Comics in Booktown, Norway
Image: Little Free Library, Booktown, Norway

Booktown boasts of 2.5 miles of books so I didn’t visit each building. I did buy a Cowboy Western Comic in Norwegian by Tex Miller for my brother. And I may have left some bookmarks for my books behind 😉

We arrived in Booktown by van and took a long and difficult hike. Before we began our descent, we had a nice picnic and then removed our shoes and put our feet in the freezing river water. I love my life.

Alpine Meadow, Mundal Valley, Norway

We left by ferry. It was a magical day.

And now, the fifth audio chapter of In the Doghouse and it’s the first chapter from Lucy’s point of view. This was the most difficult chapter in the book for me to write. It went through several revisions because beta readers and editors said Lucy wasn’t likable and that she was unreasonable. In truth, this chapter was inspired by true events so I had to do some soul searching, ha ha. And by the way, Betty Crocker’s Cherry Chip Cake is the best cake in the world. Not every store carries it so if you ever see a box, please bake it and enjoy it for me. And send me a picture of you loving every bite of it.

As always, thanks for being you,


Readers' Favorite Gold Award

P.S. OH!!!! I forgot to say–I think I’m still in shock–but both Tiger Drive and In the Doghouse won a GOLD award at the Readers’ Favorite Awards. Tiger Drive won Best Fiction in Drama and In the Doghouse won Best Animal Fiction. In November, I will go to Miami and receive my awards at a ceremony. I feel so honored and official (and crazy happy. My mom is happy too).

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