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Dear Friend,

Last week, I shared “A Bird in the Hand”–a story about my brother Adam being chosen by a parakeet. It’s a story that makes me laugh every time he tells it. “It’s hysterical!” many of you responded. Several of you asked me,  “What did he name the bird?” I promise to ask Adam as soon as he returns from Vietnam.

Some of you may remember the below email exchange with my brother, Karsen, from a previous newsletter. I’m in the middle of doing my 2017 taxes, and this nugget of laughter came to mind and I thought, “I need to share it again.” I’ve saved this email for ten years.

December 12, 2007

Subject: I’M A FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it’s true. According to the state employment securities division, I am ineligible for seasonal unemployment compensation because there is a child support lien against my social security number. Apparently I have a 27 year-old daughter in San Jose, California, whom I owe thousands of dollars in retro child support.

HERE’S THE KICKER: I appealed on the grounds that I would have been EIGHT years old when I fathered the little whipper snapper, AND I LOST THE APPEAL. I LOST THE APPEAL!

Fatherhood has really changed me, because even though the season has been over for four weeks and I couldn’t be more broke, all I can do is laugh about this. Kids have a way of mellowing you out I guess. If I get any pictures, I’ll send copies. I hope she has my eyes.

Love you,

December 13, 2007

Subject:  I’m crushed

Turns out they gave me and Mr. Smith* the same PIN number, thus the confusion. I think I would have been a good father. Oh well, I can always adopt.

Checked out my credit report, turns out I still have mediocre credit.

Love, K

Until next time, it’s good to be back and engaging with each of you. Thank you for being you!


*name changed to protect the deadbeat dad

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