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A Bird in the Hand

Maybe you like my storytelling, but my two younger brothers can entertain an entire table of people with their stories. For hours. They have a gift for telling true stories that will make you laugh until you cry. If they team up, you’ll have a hard time catching your breath.

Teri Case with brothers

Left to right: Karsen, Teri, Adam

So while I don’t expect to do it justice, I thought I’d share one of my favorites.

Several years ago, my brother Adam owned a solar tube business in Arizona. It was a crazy hot business. He was either on a rooftop in the scorching sun or crawling through stifling attics.

One day, it was especially hot and Adam was on a client’s roof. Out of nowhere, a parakeet landed on his shoulder. It scared the crap out of him, and he almost fell off the roof. He shooed “the damn bird” away but it kept coming back to his shoulder, like he was a “damn pirate.” After a bit, Adam gave up–he had a job to do after all–and let it sit on his shoulder, positive the bird would eventually get bored and fly away or maybe even die. But the parakeet was still perched on Adam’s shoulder as he climbed down the ladder (at this point, my brother would add sound effects as he pantomimes the descent: do-do-doooo).

The homeowner had never seen the parakeet before. It was time for Adam to work in the attic but the bird was persistent. Resigned and worried about the heat, Adam turned the air conditioning on in his van and the bird flew inside.

As soon as he wrapped up the job, Adam hopped in his van, happily welcomed by his new best friend, and called Animal Control and the SPCA–neither had a solution Adam felt great about. So he tried once more to make the bird fly away.

“Be free you stupid bird!” Alas, the damn bird just stared at him “with adoration” and groomed my brother’s hair.

Frustrated, Adam drove over to the local pet store to see if they would take the bird. Fifteen minutes later, my brother walked out with a bird cage and supplies. Do-do-doooo.

“Honey, we’re home.” His wife was naturally shocked. They already had two rescue dogs. But they set up the cage and accepted the parakeet as theirs. The bird had chosen my brother, like it or not. But within a few days, the parakeet was banging his head against the cute little mirror that came with the cage–for company. He removed the mirror. No good. So once again, Adam offered freedom, and once gain, the bird said no. Adam looked online and made some calls. An hour later, he walked out of the pet store with a second parakeet. And now they won’t shut up. But they’re happy.

This story always makes me laugh. I hope it made you laugh too. I get to see my family in June. We will all be together for my nephew’s graduation.The visit can’t come soon enough. I know we will laugh non-stop. If they’ll let me, I’m going to try to record some of their stories.

Until next time, thanks for being you.


A Tiger Drive Update

I’ve been interviewed a few times and have been lucky enough to be mentioned in another author’s newsletter. So if you’d like to learn a little more about me or Tiger Drive, here’s your chance:

The Original Writers Group in London is one of my favorite groups: Tiger Drive! An interview with novelist, Teri Case.

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Dear Reader by Nancy Nordenson: Nancy shares which image of Tiger Drive has stuck with her and why.

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