Why Tiger Drive is Fiction Rather than a Memoir

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Why Tiger Drive is Fiction and Not a Memoir: An Interview

A few months ago, I spoke with Marnie Summerfield Smith, a journalist, and ghostwriter extraordinaire. She is working with a dear friend of mine on his memoirs. Marnie often interviews people in her clients’ lives to learn more about them. This friend and I both survived difficult childhoods (him more so than me).

I can see why Marnie is the ideal person for aspiring memoirists to work with. She is easy to talk to and to trust. By the end of our discussion, I wished I could hug Marnie in person, but I’ll have to wait for my next trip to London to do so (there’s actually a few people I’d love to hug in London). We continued to chat about books and memoirs, and naturally, Marnie asked me why I wrote Tiger Drive as fiction rather than a memoir. We decided to do a separate interview. You can read all of my answers here.

Also, are you interested in writing a memoir? Sign up for Marnie’s newsletter, Your Memoir, and received her free how-to-get-started memoir guide. And let me know if you are interested in writing a memoir. I simply want to know because I appreciate you!

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