Tiger Drive Wins Best New Fiction–2018 American Fiction Awards

Winner American Fiction Awards

Tiger Drive wins Best New Fiction – 2018 American Fiction Awards.

Wow, wow, wow! Tiger Drive has won! When I opened the below email, I had to read it several times. Could this be true? Yes, it can! I’ve already called my siblings and mother.

Tiger Drive Wins American Fiction Award

If you’d like to read the press release, click here. The American Fiction Awards recognizes publishing in mainstream, independent, and self-publishing. Please check out the finalists in Best New Fiction. I’ll admit, their books are right up my alley:

Thank you so much for being you. It takes a village to write and publish a book. To prove it, here is a video I made that recognizes everyone in the Acknowledgments of Tiger Drive:

Tiger Drive by Teri Case Acknowledgments

Thanks for being you!

Teri, Award Winning Author (Hee hee)

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