Tiger Drive is a Readers’ Favorite. 5 Stars Seal.

Tiger Drive by Teri Case (Cover)
“A superb modern drama work that comes highly recommended indeed.” -Readers’ Favorite

Tiger Drive is a Readers’ Favorite: 5 Stars

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Readers' Favorite 5-Star Seal Book Review

Fans of family sagas, shifting perspectives and powerful literary fiction are certain to adore this dramatic but highly realistic work by author Teri Case. The connection and commitment to character development stand at the center of this immense wealth of interpersonal knowledge and deep-set family traumas, characterized perfectly in the dialogue style and intimate narrative techniques used. We sit on the shoulders of the family members to glimpse deep into their relationships and alternate ideas about one another, finding pathos and sympathy in some ways and frustration and heartache in others. Janice takes center stage as the action and the mystery elements heat up but, all in all, there’s a well-rounded message with a true emotional rollercoaster right to the end. Overall, Tiger Drive is a superb modern drama work that comes highly recommended indeed.

Readers’ Favorite

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