My Brother’s Wallet

Image: My Brother's Wallet

My Brother’s Wallet

Recently I met up with some of my family in Tucson, Arizona. The mix included my younger brothers and sister. Anyone who has read my life-inspired novel, Tiger Drive, knows that my love for my three younger siblings motivated me during a time in my life when I needed motivation the most. When I was a teen, they were the reason I believed in a brighter future and pushed on. They are the reason I went to college—even when I was scared to death to leave them behind. They were—still are—my hope.

It’s rewarding being a big sister to three loving, kind, nurturing, and hysterically funny people despite their not-so-loving, not-so-kind, not-so-nurturing, and not-so-funny childhood.

Case in point (no pun intended): my brother K’s wallet.

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At Your Leisure Online Book Club (AYLOBC)


Let’s read some books

At Your Leisure

What is AYLOBC?

At Your Leisure Online Book Club (AYLOBC) is a pressure-free book club where I will share a book I’m reading and you can decide if, when, and how you will read it. When possible, I’ll try to get a special sales price or coupon.

Who will like AYLOBC?

At Your Leisure Online Book Club is for anyone who wants to belong to a book club for book suggestions but doesn’t need another commitment or deadline.

  • Not sure if you want to read each book? No problem.
  • Not sure if you want to finish a book once you’ve started it? No problem.
  • Like one of the suggestions but not sure when you’ll read it? No problem.
  • Not sure if you want to chime in or not? No problem.
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It’s Tiger Drive’s 2nd Bookiversary

Image: Tiger Drive and a cupcake

Tiger Drive Turns Two!

Dear Friends,

Two years ago today, my first novel, Tiger Drive, was published. I know without an absolute-frigging doubt that I would have never published Tiger Drive without the belief and support most of you showed from the beginning.

When I started this newsletter, I only said I’d publish a book someday, yet almost one hundred of you signed up then and there, patiently waiting for me to walk my talk. And over the following years (yes, plural), more tigers joined this list, and none of you gave up on me (okay, maybe a few people unsubscribed). You waited me out. And I’m so thankful you did.

I also couldn’t have published Tiger Drive without this incredible village of people (music included):

I’m serious when I say that there is no me, the author, without you, the reader. Thank you for being you.

And now for some NEW fun! I’m starting the At Your Leisure Online Book Club! I plan to continue to post book reviews from time to time, but it would be so much fun to share your thoughts too–in a future newsletter. So let’s get started with Coming Home to Greenleigh by Cassandra Austen. Coming Home to Greenleigh is American Literature and takes place in New England. The tone and content of this novel remind me of the author, Fannie Flagg’s work but with a northeastern setting instead of the southern states. Like my novels, Coming Home to Greenleigh is told from multiple points of view and deals with identity and life choices. The author is offering an ongoing discount to my subscribers for 99 cents (her prices elsewhere will be going up). You can order it here, and if you want to share your thoughts, please send me an email at your leisure. Please feel free to share this newsletter.  The more the merrier.

Thanks again for being you.


A Tiger Drive Truth

Tiger Drive by Teri Case. Photo by Gretchen Lemay

A Tiger Drive Truth

Dear Friends,

We have a condo in Florida. The previous owners decorated it with tiki bars, surfboards, and lots of mustard-yellow and dark brown paint. The tiki-ness and boards are gone, and we began the battle with the wall colors last week. As always*, we are using Behr’s Beach House White, and as always, I painted a heart for Ted on the dark brown wall. It’s a tip I learned from my dad, Dick. I used it in my novel, Tiger Drive:

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A Long Considered Book Review

Image: A Book Review by Teri Case

The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner, and I heard the Greatest Story Ever Told: A Memoir by Dikkon Eberhart

I read The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner, and I Heard the Greatest Story Ever Told: A Memoir by Dikkon Eberhart twice several months ago. I’ve been thinking about it ever since, wondering how to write a review that would do his book justice. As an author, I’m humbled to admit that I’ve settled on the fact that I cannot. I’ll admit I’ve been suffering comparisonitis, even about writing a review! Forgive me now for the weak structure of my review and for my seemingly disjointed thoughts because while I might appear to be all over the place, I assure you, Eberhart’s memoir was not.

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Serendipity, Sentiment, and Silver Spoons

Image of Silver Spoons

Serendipity, Sentiment, and Silver Spoons

Dear Friend,

A few decades ago, my mom handed down the family silverware to me, as in the silver-plated ware that belonged to her mother and father. The box, which had a red velvet interior and been refurbished on the outside with several layers of contact paper–the last being a brick pattern–gave me more memories than the mismatched utensils. I can remember my grandma and grandpa (or Ma and Pa, as most everyone else called them) pulling out the contact-paper-covered box for holiday dinners and special events.

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Back to School Again: A Short Story

Cover: Back to School Again by Teri Case

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year!

I’m not arrogant enough to say the following short story I wrote is a gift, but I am still giving it to you. If you read last week’s newsletter, you know that my goal word for 2020 is Ready. Part of being ready is embracing change, and my gut says that change is in the air. Back to School Again: A Short Story is all about getting comfortable with change. To read the story, click the link below:

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