I’m in Jane Friedman’s Blog!!!

Wow! I’m “in” Jane Friedman’s blog. JANE FRIEDMAN!! My author friends are freaking for me right now; I can feel their energy. I’m honored that Jane Friedman posted Michelle Melton Cox’s article about building an author platform where she used me as an example. ME. Michelle, if I could hug you right now, I would.

Thank you so much, Michelle, Jane, Author Accelerator (for the chance to be a writer-in-residence for the Author Accelerator Membership Circle), and Jennie Nash, Abby Lamb Mathews, and Terri LeBlanc.

To my author friends, Michelle Melton Cox’s advice is actionable and spot on. And you can learn more about Michelle here.

And as always, thanks to my readers. Go, Tiger Drive!



Check out the new cover for Tiger Drive

Tiger Drive New Cover