How I Met Author John L. Lynch and What Happened Next

How I Met Author John L. Lynch and What Happened Next

Dear Friend,

Author John L. Lynch made me swoon. I’ll explain.

Recently, Kirkus Reviews contacted me. They have a podcast, Fully Booked, and they invited me to do a three- to four-minute interview about Tiger Drive. They said my interview would be included in an interview with another author, and that Kirkus Reviews only extends such invitations to review-team-recommended authors.

The opportunity required a monetary investment on my part, so I told them I’d think about it, and I started listening to Fully Booked, and in particular, to the other three- to four-minute author interviews to see if the opportunity was the right one for me.

They interviewed John L. Lynch about his novel, New Persia: Before the Storm. You can listen to his interview starting here at 2:43 minutes.

I hunted John’s contact information down on the internet (okay, I only had to look because he has a website with his contact information) and asked him about his experience—meaning, did he sell any books or gain new readers as a result? I’ll keep his results confidential, but we stayed in touch, and yes, I did do the interview. While John’s interview inspired me to get his book, I tanked my three minutes in the spotlight. I couldn’t get the questions in advance, and I’m a natural-born babbler. But I’m still glad I did it because, as John reminded me, on average, a new reader needs seven times to see or hear about something before they will buy it, and the interview was one of those touchpoints.

Anyway, John and I stayed in touch. I read New Persia: Before the Stormon a long flight. It’s excellent—historical sci-fi is a new genre for me (more next week). And John and his wife read Tiger Drive and In the Doghouse: A Couple’s Breakup from Their Dog’s Point of View. And not only did they write five-star reviews for both, they …

… baked the infamous Betty Crocker Cherry Chip Cake from Chapter 5 of In the Doghouse. And no, this isn’t what made me swoon.

I was shocked that John and his wife found the perfect cake. Not all stores and areas carry it.* John’s wife found BC’s CCC online and ordered a 12-Pack. A 12-Pack!

That’s when I swooned.


A 12-Pack!

I begged for their address; they sent me a picture instead:

Betty Crocker Cherry Chip Cake

It’s a beauty, or was—I’m sure it’s gone. They are Cherry Chip Cake Converts.

Next week, I’ll share my full review of New Persia: Before the Storm, but in the meantime, here is the link to Kirkus Reviews‘ review. If you’re a Kindle Unlimted customer, New Persia is included. If you’re not a KU customer, I have one FREE Amazon digital copy. First-come-first-serve and for subscribers only, please. Please email me and include the email you use for Amazon. I’ll announce the winner next week.
What’s going on in your world? Are you ready for the holidays?

As always, thank you for being you.


*Fortunately, I can still find Betty Crocker’s Cherry Chip Cake in Carson City, Nevada. Unfortunately, I only visit a few times a year, and since I stay in hotels, I don’t bake one.

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