Washington, DC Public Library

Nov. 4, 2019, at 7:00 p.m.: The DC Public Library recently selected Tiger Drive for their DC Indie Author Project. The Cleveland Park Branch has invited me to present: “Why I went Indie: Traditional vs. Self-Publishing”

Author Accelerator’s Membership Circle: Writer in Residence

Sept. 1 – 30, 2019: I’m honored to be invited by Author Accelerator to be their Writer in Residence for their Membership Circle. Group members will be invited to ask me about my writing and publishing process. To learn more, click here.

American Library Association Annual Conference 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2109 at 11:00 a.m.; Pop Stage

Teri Case will be on the IBPA Presents Panel for The Best Independently Published Books of 2018 during the ALA2019 Conference in Washington, DC

Release of In the Doghouse: A Couple’s Breakup from Their Dog’s Point of View

April 16, 2019 publication date

Pre-order now in hardcover, paperback, and ebooks, and receive a DOGTV 2-months free coupon (email me your order information at . Pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo

Friends of Carson City Library, Reading and Q&A with Teri Case

November 1, 2018, 5:30 p.m.

711 East Washington Street, Carson City, Nevada

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Teri Case Author Event Carson City June 8

Friday, June 8, 2018:  What an amazing event this was! Click here to see the photos taken by Gretchen Lemay Photography, and scroll down to learn about the generous authors who donated signed copies of their books for the Tiger Drive Scholarship Raffle.

Each of the below authors has donated a signed copy of their book(s). And each of these authors encouraged and supported me while I wrote and/or published Tiger Drive. A big thanks to them for their friendship, experience, and generosity. Please sign up for their website newsletters or blogs. I can’t stress enough how much a simple subscription from a new subscriber motivates an author to keep writing. (in alphabetical order by author)j. There will also be some freebies you can grab and take with you such as bookmarks. AND I’ll be letting the cat out of the bag, finally, on what my new book, In the Doghouse, is about.

Be the Gateway: A Practical Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work and Engaging an Audience by Dan Blank

Be the Gateway by Dan Blank

As writers and artists, we feel the drive to do meaningful work, but we get overwhelmed by the process of connecting with an audience. We follow best practices in marketing that never seem to pan out, don’t produce results, and make us feel lost and frustrated. But creating doesn’t have to feel this way. Be the Gateway offers practical, insightful ways to build real relationships with your audience.

If you want to share your voice and inspire people with your writing, art, craft, or creative idea, you must unlock new experiences for them — not just through what you create, but through the unique way in which you share it with the world. That is the gateway, the one you lead people through to introduce them to your world. This produces meaningful discussions and creates dedicated super fans.

Replace the inclination to promote with the desire to share. How and why you create is a story — and the best asset you can use to communicate why your work is unique. Rethink your priorities, develop a new outreach focus, and use a practical approach to connect with your audience. Be the Gateway shows you how, with joy and confidence in your authentic voice. (Click here to subscribe to Dan’s newsletter)

In For A Penny (G Team Mysteries Book 1) by Kelsey Browning and Nancy Naigle

Kelsey Browning Nancy Naigle In for a penny G series

Honey, these are not your momma’s grannies…

When Lillian Summer Fairview’s husband up and dies on her, it leaves the last living member of the most prestigious family in Summer Shoals, Georgia, in a hot mess. While Lil was busy being a proper Southern lady, Harlan squandered dang near the whole family fortune on lottery tickets. To keep her financial skeletons in the closet and give him a decent burial, Lil made a deal that has now landed her in prison.

Desperate to keep her troubles a secret and the family estate from falling down while she pays her debt to society, Lil entrusts Summer Haven’s care to her best friend, Maggie, who recruits two more over-fifty ladies to live at Summer Haven and help keep it afloat.

But when Maggie discovers that Lil’s restitution is ten times the amount she “borrowed” from the federal government, she’s convinced Lil has taken the fall for someone else’s crime. And these gals will use every trick in their little-old-lady bags to prove it. (Click here to sign up for Kelsey Browning’s Sass Kickin’ News)

Going Hard (Steel Ridge Book 2) by Kelsey Browning

Kelsey Browning Going Hard

“Kelsey Browning spins a deeply emotional tale of intrigue and romance in a page-turning romantic suspense fans will gobble up.”
-New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love

Slick sports agent Griffin Steele is living the highlife in Los Angeles, far from the shadow of the North Carolina mountains where he grew up. But when his hometown falls on hard times and needs his help, Grif reluctantly agrees to commute between coasts. He never expects the lush scenery, in the form of pretty tomboy Carlie Beth Parrish, to be such a temptation.

After an impetuous one-night stand with Grif Steele fifteen years ago, hardworking blacksmith Carlie Beth has tried to make a living and raise her daughter in the hometown she loves. Then, too-sexy-for-his-Rolex Grif blows back into town like the perfect storm, making Carlie feel less like a thirty-something mom and more like an infatuated teenager.

When a stalker targets his hometown and Grif suspects Carlie Beth might be the next victim, he can’t help but step in to protect her. But once he discovers the fourteen-year-old secret she’s been keeping from him, will he embrace the truth or will he turn his back on Steele Ridge and Carlie Beth forever?  (Click here to sign up for Kelsey Browning’s Sass Kickin’ News)

Stumbling Toward the Buddha: Stories about tripping over my principles on the road to transformation by Dawn Downey

Dawn Downey Stumbling Toward buddha

“In a voice that is both authentic and wry, Dawn Downey sits down with her readers to have an honest conversation about how a spiritual life really manifests in the day-to-day world. Through this delightful collection of linked essays, we come to understand—and recognize—how we all stumble through our lives, trying to maintain some modicum of dignity and grace. Bravo for this enchanting new voice in the pantheon of spiritual writing.”
––Brenda Miller, author of The Pen and the Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World

How does one embrace the depth of spirituality, when life is messy? In Stumbling Toward the Buddha, Dawn Downey comes to a startling revelation: a difficult childhood was more than just that. There was abuse, hinted at over the years. As she finally confronts her past, years of depression and splintered relationships with her siblings finally make sense. Downey tells the tale of a seeker who confronts her daily disasters and finds friendship, compassion, and joy. (Click here to subscribe for updates from Dawn Downey)

From Dawn to Daylight: Essays by Dawn Downey

From Dawn to Daylight by Dawn Downey

The grocery store line is not moving. What’s going on? There are only two other people in line. Fidget. Peer around them. The teen-aged cashier (multiple piercings, purple hair) is helping an old woman (wispy white hair giving way to baldness) fill out a frequent-shopper card. The teenager’s voice is kind, her expression soft, and she is patting the ancient one’s arthritic hand with transcendent tenderness.

Dawn Downey draws inspiration from moments like this. She writes stories about her every day life. Gardening, yoga, and popular culture all make appearances in these chapters. But her take on them is philosophical, often invoking meditation as the lens through which she views them.

From Dawn to Daylight is a collection of personal essays for those who are not in a hurry, who appreciate the journey, as much as the destination. (Click here to subscribe to Dawn’s newsletter)

The Peacocks of Palos Verdes by Mary Jo Hazard

The Peacocks of Palos Verdes by Mary Jo Hazard

No one would have guessed that a thoughtful gift from one friend to another would result in colonies of semi-domestic peacocks spread out today over the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Join author Mary Jo Hazard on a journey through the area, discovering all that these colorful, attention grabbing birds have to offer. (Click here to learn more about Mary Jo Hazard)

Palo’s World: Adventures of a Palos Verdes Peacock by Mary Jo Hazard

Palo's world peacock by Mary Jo Hazard

The peacocks of Palos Verdes are very special. They are beautiful and sometimes loud. In this story we are introduced to Palo, and watch him grow up. Palo learns a very important lesson as a peachick when he and his sisters are attacked by a wild coyote. He thinks that the fear he showed on that day will stay with him always. Palo is mistaken because, by the end of this adventure, his quick thinking and courage save many lives. Click here to learn more about Mary Jo Hazard)

P is for Palos Verdes by Mary Jo Hazard

Palos verdes by Mary Jo Hazard

“A must have for all who live here and appreciate the beauty of our California coastline area. It would make a great gift for those who don’t live here too. One of the world’s loveliest spots has been well captured in gorgeous color photos. A book that all can enjoy.” — Jean S. via Amazon Click here to learn more about Mary Jo Hazard)

Knife Skills: a novel  by Carrie Ann Lahain

Knife Skills by Carrie Ann Lahain

It’s all burners on high for Chef Molly Price, about to start her first restaurant job on her aunt and uncle’s Long Island vineyard. They took Molly in as a child, and she’s determined not to let them down.

But it’s hard to focus on the perfect bread pudding with a no-good ex who won’t leave her alone and a best guy friend who’s as cranky as he is kissable.

Love, family, and career all come to a boil when tragedy forces Molly to reconnect with her troubled parents and she must step in to save her five-year-old sister. Molly soon learns that, though her sauces never break, the same can’t be said for her heart. (Click here to learn more about Carrie)

A Path Revealed: How Hope, Love and Joy Found Us Deep in a Maze Called Alzheimer’s by Carlen Maddux

A Path Revealed by Carlen Maddux

Just days after turning fifty, Martha Maddux, a spirited mother and civic activist, is told she has Alzheimer’s disease. She and her husband, Carlen, feel as though they’ve been shoved out of a plane 10,000 feet up, with nothing to grab but themselves. But A Path Revealed is not about the fallout from an insidious disease that extended nearly seventeen years. It is in Carlen’s words, “The story of a path emerging during our darkest hours, a path that we neither planned, nor foresaw.”

Carlen traveled with Martha to the backwoods of Kentucky, where the quiet presence of a Catholic nun revealed a hidden path. He was forced to slow down as he traced this path halfway around the world to Australia, retreated weekends to a monastery, embraced meditation, and landed all alone in Thomas Merton’s cabin.

A Path Revealed echoes accents heard in Anne Lamott’s Traveling Mercies, Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward, and John Bunyan’s 17th-century classic, The Pilgrim’s Progress. (Click here to subscribe to Carlen’s website for updates)

A Strange Companion by Lisa Manterfield

A Strange Companion by Lisa Manterfield

Kat Richardson isn’t running away from grief; she’s just hiding out in a gloomy Welsh university town until she’s sure it’s gone. Now, one year, nine months, and 27 days after the climbing death of her first love, Gabe, she thinks she’s ready to venture out into the relationship world again. And Owen—a cake-baking, Super Ball-making chemistry student—appears to be a kind, funny, and very attractive option.

But the arrival of Kat’s newly adopted niece, Mai, forces her home to northern England, where she runs headfirst into all the memories of Gabe she’s tried to leave behind—and discovers that Mai stirs up an unnerving feeling of déjà vu. Before long, Kat’s logical, scientific beliefs about life after death are in a battle with what she feels to be true—that reincarnation is real and Gabe has come back to her through Mai. The question now, is why?

Taking on the topics of love, loss, and how we deal with grief, A Strange Companion is a twisted love triangle among the living, the dead, and the reincarnated. (Click Here to subscribe to Lisa Manterfield’s website)

The Smallest Thing by Lisa Manterfield

The Smallest Thing by Lisa Manterfield

The very last thing 17-year-old Emmott Syddall wants is to turn out like her dad. She’s descended from ten generations who never left their dull English village, and there’s no way she’s going to waste a perfectly good life that way. She’s moving to London and she swears she is never coming back.

But when the unexplained deaths of her neighbors force the government to quarantine the village, Em learns what it truly means to be trapped. Now, she must choose. Will she pursue her desire for freedom, at all costs, or do what’s best for the people she loves: her dad, her best friend Deb, and, to her surprise, the mysterious man in the HAZMAT suit?

Inspired by the historical story of the plague village of Eyam, this contemporary tale of friendship, community, and impossible love weaves the horrors of recent news headlines with the intimate details of how it feels to become an adult—and fall in love—in the midst of tragedy.  (Click Here to subscribe to Lisa Manterfield’s website)

Arthur Zarr’s Amazing Art Car by Cathey Nickell

Arthur Zarr's Amazing Art Car Cathey Graham Nickell

Arthur Zarr is a quiet man with few friends. His life is rather plain, and his car is plain, too. But not for long! Mr. Zarr finds happiness and makes friends by building an amazing art car. In this whimsical story, children learn about recycling, community, friendship building, and the power of imagination. The colorful picture book includes a “History of Art Cars” page for readers who’ve never heard of this creative form of artistic expression. (Click here to subscribe to Cathey’s newsletter)

Finding Livelihood: A Progress of Work and Leisure by Nancy Nordenson

Finding Livelihood by Nancy Nordenson

When we were young, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Those answers were our childhood dreams. The reality of adulthood is that what we are and do now is what we became.

Finding Livelihood is a book about work for grown-ups. It’s about not just the work we thought we wanted but about the work we found and the work that found us. It’s also about the work we have lost. At once a shrewd challenge of Buechner’s assertion that “the place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet” and also a lyrical journey to the place where labor and love meet, Finding Livelihoodexplores the tensions between the planned life and the given, between desire and need, between aspirations and limits.

Through story, collage, and juxtaposition, Finding Livelihood invites you to consider work in its many facets. Who gets to decide if our work is “good”? How do we deal with forces and routines that leave us longing for escape? How do questions about money and meaning change when you are holding a pink slip in your hand? How are we transformed when our current work becomes part of a spiritual journey that encompasses all of life?

Drawing from thinkers as diverse as St. Aquinas, Josef Pieper, and Simone Weil, Nordenson affirms the doctrine of imago Dei and brings it into the real world of work: a world full of brokenness and hope, of dead-end jobs and live-saving interventions, of daily bread and transcendent meaning. In the midst of it all, we find our livelihood. (Click here to subscribe to Nancy’s updates)

The Shores of Our Souls by Kathryn Brown Ramsperger

Kathryn Ramsperger The Shores of our Souls

Qasim, an Arab Muslim U.N. official fleeing family obligations in 1980s war-torn Lebanon meets Dianna, escaping her rural Southern roots to become a researcher at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Will their love be enough in this war-torn, conflict-weary world? Ramsperger’s debut novel gives an entirely new perspective on the controversial conflicts in our hearts and in our history. (Click here to subscribe to Kathryn’s blog)

Heroines of Mercy Street: The Real Nurses of the Civil War by Pamela D. Toler, Ph.D.

Heroines of Mercy Street

The nurses of the Civil War ushered in a new era for medicine in the midst of tremendous hardship. While the country was at war, these women not only learned to advocate and care for patients in hostile settings, saved countless lives, and changed the profession forever, they regularly fell ill with no one to nurse them in return, seethed in anger at the indifference and inefficiency that left wounded men on the battlefield without care, and all too often mourned for those they could not rescue.

Heroines of Mercy Street tells the true stories of the nurses at Mansion House, the Alexandria, Virginia, hotel turned wartime hospital and setting for the PBS show Mercy Street. Women like Dorothea Dix, Mary Phinney, Anne Reading, and more rushed to be of service to their country during the war, meeting challenges that would discourage less determined souls every step of the way. They saw casualties on a scale Americans had never seen before; diseases like typhoid and dysentery were rampant; and working conditions-both physically and emotionally–were abysmal.

Drawing on the diaries, letters, and books written by these nursing pioneers, Pamela D. Toler, PhD, has written a fascinating portrait of true heroines, shining a light on their personal contributions during one of our country’s most turbulent periods. (Click here to subscribe to Pamela’s exploration of writing history)

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