It’s 1989 and society hasn’t embraced life coaches or counseling, and
it’s just warming up to OPRAH. After seven children and thirty years of smothered dreams, Janice Sloan hatches a secret plan to leave her two boys in the care of her college-bound daughter and estranged alcoholic husband for one year to pursue her previously aborted dream to be a country singer, but when her sons miss their curfew, emotional decisions are made that jeopardize Janice’s last chance for happiness.

Despite habits and patterns built upon the state of their existence, the Sloan Family will learn none of them can succeed without leaning into their vulnerabilities and becoming each other’s unlikely hero to escape the trailer park on Tiger Drive.

Tiger Drive explores the complexities of mother/daughter and father/son relationships, and it provides an honest look at the devastating effects of shame, vulnerability, and the economical and mental cycle of poverty across generations.

Here is some editorial feedback received so far:

I’m honored to recommend Tiger Drive to any agent or editor. It’s an outstanding manuscript, with well-paced yet strategically patient storytelling, layered characters, relationships that make me ache for the characters and yearn for positive resolution, and character journeys that intertwine in heartbreaking, soul-soaring ways. – Deborah Halverson, DearEditor.com

Let me tell you how much I loved Tiger Drive. It made me laugh, cry and (in places) wince in horror! …Tiger Drive is definitely a quality piece of work. The characters and conflicts kept me glued to the pages. I cared about the Sloans and felt invested in the outcome of their drama. I’ll remember Carrie, WJ, Janice and Harry for a very long time. – Carrie Ann Lahain, Writer, Editor & Book Reviewer

And here is the music that inspired me while I wrote Tiger Drive:

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