There’s No Place Like My Hometown

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Giving Thanks Tiger Drive

There’s No Place Like My Hometown

Where should I even begin about my day and night in Carson City yesterday?

I returned to Carson Highschool for the first time since 1989 to speak to a creative writing class about writing and then seniors about the Tiger Drive Scholarship, my personal CHS scholarship story, and some tips on essays. The CHS team I interacted with yesterday cares deeply about their students. They are inspiring!

And then last night . . . last night!. . . I did an event with the Friends of Carson City Library, and OH MY. I am so grateful for the people who showed up: parents and siblings of friends from long ago, Tiger Drive residents an alumni, Mr. Tobey‘s family (aka Mr. Hill in Tiger Drive!!), new friends, new readers, and some who came because Karsen is my brother (happens every time).  I remain humbled by the feedback many of them shared about the novel. One woman said “Tiger Drive is powerful.”

Let’s just say I was close to tears more than once, shared hugs galore, and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Thanks for being you Carson City, and thank you Friends of Carson City Library and CHS for having me.


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