Tiger Drive Included in Kirkus Reviews Magazine’s “Up All Night Issue”

Kirkus Reviews Magazine "Up All Night" Issue, August 2019, Cover

Tiger Drive by Teri Case is included in Kirkus Reviews Magazine’s “Up All Night Issue”

I am so excited to announce that Kirkus Reviews has included Tiger Drive in the “Up All Night” Issue: “Special Coverage of books that will keep you turning pages until the wee hours.”

Is there a better compliment? On page 170, the headline reads:

Case has created imperfect characters that have a remarkable knack for hanging on through tough times.

Kirkus Reviews Magazine, "Up All Night" Issue, Page 170
August 1, 2019, Vol. LXXXVII, NO. 15

I am grateful to Kirkus Reviews for recognizing Tiger Drive and congratulate all the authors included. We did it! We’re keeping people up all night!

Thanks for being you,


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