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I’ve Made A Decision

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Hi Everyone,

With tragic murders happening on both sides of the law, I’ve been asking myself, What can I do to be a person of change in an influential and productive way?  I read Amanda Toler Woodward’s newsletter, “Speaking of ‘isms. It’s racism, people. and knew I couldn’t keeping thinking about what to do. I actually needed to do something.

Between now and September 1, 2016, I am donating 100% of the profit from the sales of my books (see below for links)  to a proactive, non-profit organization, The Badge of Life. The Badge of Life offers guidance to law enforcement on implementing policies and procedures for recognizing and supporting an officer at risk of exhaustion, burnout, depression, PTSD, and suicide–symptoms that may impact an officer’s choices in the line of duty.

You might be wondering why I’m focusing on awareness and training for law enforcement. Why not raise money for the victims’ families?

Because I want to invest in a possible solution.

I was inspired by the words of Judge Vonda Evans as she sentenced an officer for the brutal assault of a black man. The below speech is not a video to watch portions of–Judge Evans is an experienced judge of twenty-five years looking at the BIG picture. She offers valuable, change-making-perspective about resources, racism, the police culture, and mental wellness:

“We are a reactionary society, not a preventative one….We pay million dollar lawsuits instead of investing upfront in resources and training for our law enforcement…Until that changes, this will happen again.”


I haven’t been able to shake those words, and so I’m contributing in a manner that I hope will support and maintain the hearts of people who become officers because they believe in justice, and in doing so, save innocent lives.

Is it enough? No. Is it a start? Yes.

Please click on the below images to learn more about and to purchase my books. Through September 1st, or until supplies last, I will donate 100% of my profit:

I'm Going to the Doctor by Teri Case

SMART Goal Setting Assistants Teri Case

Please share, share, share this post far and wide. I look forward to updating you in September about how much will be donated.

Until next time, thanks for being you!!


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