Freebies for Friends #MakeSomedayToday #Stayhome #MaketheBestofit

Booksweeps Books Offering Tiger Drive In the Doghouse

Freebies for Friends #StayHome #MakeSomedayToday #MaketheBestofit

Dear Friends,

I’ve got freebies for my friends to help during these strange times so I’m emailing you early this week. And since your friends are my friends, please feel free to share this newsletter.

First, print out this “Procrastinate No More” blank checklist I’ve created for you. Make your “someday” today and knock off some of those to-dos you’ve been procrastinating about for whatever reason. Maybe it’s learning to meditate. Maybe it’s a dream: “I’m going to write a book someday.” Maybe it’s updating your resume. Maybe it’s finishing a quilt you started ten years ago (guilty). Maybe it’s sparking joy and watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and shredding old documents, putting old photos in an album, and cleaning your closets and more. Two days ago, a friend cleaned out her mother’s garage. It has needed to be sorted since her father passed away seventeen months ago. #Stayhome gave her the time to focus. List out your to-dos and pick one at a time (anyone who has read my novel, Tiger Drive, knows how much the character, Carrie, would love this idea). Choose projects that don’t require additional supplies or leaving the house. Keep me posted. Let me know how I can cheer you on!

Second, a chance to win a bundle of 25+ books in literary, historical, and women’s fiction and a brand new e-reader from Booksweeps March 23-Apri 1. To enter, click the image below or click here. I’ve contributed both of my books to this drawing, and you’ll also recognize my first AYLOBC pick is in the drawing too. And while you’re visiting Booksweeps, check out other contests such as those for sci-fi and romance. Whatever floats your boat.

Booksweeps Image

Please share this newsletter far and wide, let me know if you win the Booksweeps drawing, and keep me posted on your Procrastinate No More accomplishments!

Until next time, stay home, stay healthy, and thanks for being you.


P.S. My “Procrastinate No More” Checklist includes: Finish quilt; Shred old tax records; Clean out the closet; Hang up pictures; Finish first draft of third book, Imogene. These are all projects that don’t require additional supplies or leaving the house.

2 thoughts on “Freebies for Friends #MakeSomedayToday #Stayhome #MaketheBestofit

  1. Nicole Bowers

    I’ve had several items on the proverbial “back burner” that I hope to attack while this scourge changes our world! Thank you for the blank list and the ideas you shared. I want to dive back into my Ancestry journey that I started and put on hold several years ago. Our Alaskan snow is melting and when I can, I’m going to organize all those rocks I’ve collected and finally make my rock garden! There is always good in the seemingly bad and I am doing my best to stay positive and proactive!

  2. Teri Case Post author

    Hi Nicole,
    It’s a brilliant idea to work on ancestry! I’m borrowing that idea for my list.
    Thanks for being you.

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