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5 Things You Should Know About Me


I have nine brothers and sisters and am #7. When I was little, people would try to explain that some of my older siblings were actually “half-siblings.” I’d tell them they didn’t know what they were talking about.


In the first grade, I drew a clown. Mrs. Sausberry hung it on the classroom wall for several weeks. One day when we had a substitute teacher, I wanted to make sure the sub knew how talented I was, so instead of just telling her I drew the clown, I told her I needed to take the picture home for my parents. When Mrs. S returned the next day, she asked me where the clown had gone. I told her I took it home and she said, “That’s a shame. I was saving it for the annual art fair.” That afternoon, I ran home from the bus to find my picture so I could take it back to school the next day, but someone had scribbled on it to get a pen to work. I haven’t been comfortable with attention since!


To date, the only movie I’ve watched more than Grease is Xanadu. Go, Olivia!


For three years in college, I witnessed weddings for the Justice of the Peace for four hours, three Saturdays a month. I’d get $5 per wedding, and Judge Willis would not only buy me lunch, but he’d also let me drive his Z28 to pick it up. When completing the happy couples’ wedding certificates, I always had to confirm the details of the marriage license, such as “Mrs. X, this will be your third marriage?” One time, the groom stood up and said, “What?! You’ve been married three times? I’m not marrying you!” And he stormed out. I never saw him again, but I did witness her wedding to someone else a few months later.


Bloomingdales in New York City pulled me out of a crowd to do my makeup when I was twenty. It was a Revlon counter. I was with my friends, Julie and Apryl. When I bought some of the makeup, I had my choice to get a free umbrella or a haircut. I caused a riot when I said,  “Umbrella.” Apryl, Julie, and everyone watching demanded I cut and style my frizzy hair. I’ve been wearing lipstick and hair product ever since.


So, I can’t count! The best advice anyone ever gave me was my oldest sister, Candy when I was fifteen: You become who you hate.

Okay, spill the beans. What are five things I should know about you? Email me, please.

Thank you for being you!!


P.S. It’s finally summer in Ithaca (no, this isn’t me)


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Tiger Drive is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Ingram. A portion of the proceeds will help fund the Tiger Drive Scholarship. And if you read Tiger Drive, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. Your opinion will help readers decided if Tiger Drive is right for them. Also, please tell your friends about Tiger Drive. Word of mouth is everything.

Tiger Drive by Teri Case

My Interview with the Amazing Authors Series

My Interview with the Amazing Authors SeriesInterview Teri Case Cathey Nickell

FYI: this ^^^ is not me. She’s prettier, younger, and a genius.

Hello Awesome People,

I am honored to have been interviewed by author, Cathey Graham Nickell for her Amazing Authors Series. When Cathey first approached me, I was like, Me? Why me? I’m not very interesting or funny. But Cathey is so down-to-earth,  her questions put me at ease and I was comfortable sharing some fun details about my past. I hope you enjoy the interview. Contact me if you have any questions you’d like me to answer about my life, my writing process, or TIGER DRIVE.


Thanks for being you.

P.S. I recommend signing up for Cathey’s newsletter.

P.P.S. Giphy compliments of Giphy.com

Big Wins

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Big Wins by Teri Case

Big Wins

Hi Friends,

It’s been a big week for Teri Case, Inc.

No, I’m not really incorporated but in this past week, since I emailed you last, I realized I have enough projects going on that I actually have departments to manage. It hit me that I am a career novelist.  A CAREER NOVELIST. I have a bona fide business to run, and I’m experimenting. I’m taking risks. But I digress. Back to the big wins for the TCI departments.


Tiger Drive Scholarship Update

The submitted essays are fantastic. Actually, the authors of the essays are fantastic. It will not be easy to select the winner, but there will be a winner(s). Next week, I’ll share some of the essays. The big win is for the rest of us who will benefit from these young peoples’ passion and drive to create a better America.

Several people have donated to the Tiger Drive Scholarship and a portion of the proceeds from the novel, Tiger Drive, will help fund the scholarship. Doing this scholarship has been one of the most significant rewards for writing the novel. The most significant reward for writing Tiger Drive has to do with my family, which brings me to the next department and big wins.


Tiger Drive Update

My mom remains proud of me. In fact, she lent her copy to a friend. The woman read it in two days and said, “Bonnie, this book has made me realize how unhealthy my marriage was.”

I met a group of wonderful women this week who read Tiger Drive for their book club. In more than one book club, I’ve been asked, “How does your family feel about the novel?” or “Has your family read the book?” Such questions have inspired me to do a Q&A video for readers of Tiger Drive. So my friend, if you have any questions about Tiger Drive or me or my writing process, please send me an email and I will include it in the video.

Tiger Drive is being considered for the 2018 American Fiction Awards and The Twelfth Annual National Indie Excellence Awards. My fingers will be crossed until the finalists and winners are announced in September. I’ll be sure to update you then.


In the Doghouse

Bow wow! I’m excited to share the big wins for book two. Soon I’ll be sharing the cover and announcing the premise of In the Doghouse.*

1. Zoetica Music is allowing me to use their song “Loves Gotta Look” for the book trailer:

2. DogTV has approved my message about DogTV in the novel. This is something that was important to me because while Skip, the main character, dislikes DogTV at first, he grows to love it once he starts following certain dogs like a canine reality show. DogTV has even said they will try to help promote the novel via social media when it’s ready. How cool are they?

I don’t always need to ask for permission for everything I write–I run the risk of someone saying “no” and opening a can of worms, or worse, allowing someone else to tell me what I can write about. We are all in these creative trenches together. Whether it’s designing a channel for dog therapy, writing music, or writing a book, I find it gratifying to make sure I’m conducting myself in a way that promotes others rather than hinders others success.

Now, it’s time to get back to Skip and his canine identity crisis. Any big wins for you lately? Until next time, thanks for being you.


*I know, I know, I keep saying I will and then I don’t. I’m waiting to finish this third revision and send it to the editor. Once it’s in the editor’s hands for a while, that’s when I’ll tell you all about the book. The reason for the secrecy: no matter how many people will tell a writer only he/she can tell a story in his/her voice, we all fear that our story idea will be taken and written by someone better or more famous, and we will look like a copycat. I can’t wait to put it “out there” but until I know I’m closer to publishing, it’s an unfounded fear, but a fear none the less.

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Book clubs, contact me if you’d like to do a Skype (schedules permitting)

Tiger Drive is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, and Ingram. A portion of the proceeds will help fund the Tiger Drive Scholarship. And if you read Tiger Drive, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads. Your opinion will help readers decided if Tiger Drive is right for them. Also, please tell your friends about Tiger Drive. Word of mouth is everything.

Tiger Drive by Teri Case


Short Case–In the Doghouse

Short Case

A Vitality Stories Quickie

Buddy Bulldog on Tiger Drive by Teri Case

I’m excited to announce an update to the weekly Vitality Stories newsletter. Sometimes, in lieu of my longer Vitality Stories newsletter, I will send a Short Case. What’s a Short Case? I hoped you’d ask. It’s a short update or share by me, Teri Case (see what I did there?). I’m starting the Short Case format because I know you’re busy and don’t always have time to read a longer newsletter–I value the time you do have and your friendship. The content remains the same and will continue to arrive on Thursdays. Still will be sharing personal stories, inside scoops, lessons from others, and writing or my book updates. So here’s the first Short Case.

In the Doghouse–Cover Reveal and Description coming in May!

This new book is adult fiction and the main character is Skip, a Wolador dog. What’s a Wolador? A Timber Wolf/Labrador-mix dog. And he’s awesome. The above picture is of Buddy the Bulldog. He belongs to a dear friend. He has absolutely nothing to do with In the Doghouse, but he is my first canine fan of Tiger Drive.

Send me a picture of your pet–all species welcome. Soon I will be working on the trailer for In the Doghouse, and your pet might make it to the video.

Thanks for being you. Ruf Ruf!


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April Fools’ Day Means A Lot To Me

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Teri Case

April Fools’ Day Means A Lot To Me


I’ve recently started drinking coffee. I’m 47 and have never liked it (except the smell, I’ve always loved the smell of coffee), but last May on my Backroads hike through the French Pyrenees, ending in Spain’s Rioja, I started drinking Café con leche. Now I’m partial to a mix of 1 part coffee to 3 parts hot almond milk and a dash of Stevia. But this is not the point of the newsletter. The point is after sipping my coffee and waking up more quickly than usual. it hit me HARD that April 1st is an extremely important day in my life. One, it’s the due date for me to finish the second draft of In the Doghouse (Book 2), and two, it’s the day the story of Tiger Drive begins:

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Funny Brothers and Taxes

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Teri Case Vitality Stories

It Helps To Have A Sense Of Humor

Laughter is the best policy

Dear Friend,

Last week, I shared “A Bird in the Hand”–a story about my brother Adam being chosen by a parakeet. It’s a story that makes me laugh every time he tells it. “It’s hysterical!” many of you responded. Several of you asked me,  “What did he name the bird?” I promise to ask Adam as soon as he returns from Vietnam.

Some of you may remember the below email exchange with my brother, Karsen, from a previous newsletter. I’m in the middle of doing my 2017 taxes, and this nugget of laughter came to mind and I thought, “I need to share it again.” I’ve saved this email for ten years. Continue reading

A Bird in the Hand

Vitality Stories

Running Parakeet A Bird in the Hand

A Bird in the Hand

Maybe you like my storytelling, but my two younger brothers can entertain an entire table of people with their stories. For hours. They have a gift for telling true stories that will make you laugh until you cry. If they team up, you’ll have a hard time catching your breath.

Teri Case with brothers

Left to right: Karsen, Teri, Adam

So while I don’t expect to do it justice, I thought I’d share one of my favorites.

Several years ago, my brother Adam owned a solar tube business in Arizona. It was a crazy hot business. He was either on a rooftop in the scorching sun or crawling through stifling attics.

One day, it was especially hot and Adam was on a client’s roof. Out of nowhere, a parakeet landed on his shoulder. It scared the crap out of him, and he almost fell off the roof. He shooed “the damn bird” away but it kept coming back to his shoulder, like he was a “damn pirate.” After a bit, Adam gave up–he had a job to do after all–and let it sit on his shoulder, positive the bird would eventually get bored and fly away or maybe even die. But the parakeet was still perched on Adam’s shoulder as he climbed down the ladder (at this point, my brother would add sound effects as he pantomimes the descent: do-do-doooo).

The homeowner had never seen the parakeet before. It was time for Adam to work in the attic but the bird was persistent. Resigned and worried about the heat, Adam turned the air conditioning on in his van and the bird flew inside.

As soon as he wrapped up the job, Adam hopped in his van, happily welcomed by his new best friend, and called Animal Control and the SPCA–neither had a solution Adam felt great about. So he tried once more to make the bird fly away. Continue reading

My Mom Said So

Vitality Stories

Jennifer Lawrence Oops

My Mom Said So

My mom read Tiger Drive last week. Now, for those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that my eighty-two year-old mom has had it in her bonnet that Tiger Drive’s a memoir rather than fiction. A lot of the confusion is my fault. After all, I did grow up on Tiger Drive in Carson City, Nevada (the book takes place in Corbett City, Nevada). And my family and novel share archetypal characters:

  • an abusive husband and father
  • an abused wife
  • an addict
  • a drug dealer with ties to a gang

Archetypes behave in anticipated ways. This is why a woman in Kansas who is abused by her husband “totally gets” the emotions and choices of an abused woman in California. An alcoholic in Nevada will understand an alcoholic in Texas. We humans act more alike than not.

My novel was causing enough angst for my mom that I didn’t tell her when Tiger Drive was published and available on the World Wide Web.

But like most moms, she found out anyway.

She called me and said her Amazon orders weren’t shipping, and she couldn’t figure out why (this happens quite often). I’m a bit of a custodian for her accounts, so I logged in to see what was happening, assuming her gift card balance was insufficient. I was right. But when I looked at her pending orders, expecting to see the usual suspects of powder coffee creamer, assorted candy, and potato chips, I knew I was in trouble. The pending order was the hardcover copy of Tiger Drive.

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