What Happened in Scandinavia

Apotek Hotel, Reykjavik

What Happened in Scandinavia

Holy Mackerel
Part One: People of Iceland

Dear Friends,

So much happened on this thirty-day trip that I can’t possibly share it in one newsletter. Plus, I’m self-conscious about writing about my trips. First, as you know, I’m not a travel writer, and second, what interests me might not interest you: people who inspire characters.

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My Book Review of A Time to Wander by Chera Thompson and NF Johnson

A Time to Wander, Book Cover

A Time to Wander by Chera Thompson and NF Johnson

Sometimes discovering a book is a serendipitous experience. My partner and I recently took a Backroads group hiking trip in Norway. We tend to keep to ourselves, and I don’t go out of my way to introduce myself as a writer unless it comes up naturally. On this particular trip, it did.

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My Book Review of The Wedding Crasher by Nikki Stern

The Wedding Crasher by Nikki Stern, Book Cover

The Wedding Crasher by Nikki Stern

I met author Nikki Stern at the IBPA.org booth during the American Library Association Conference. She was signing her book, The Wedding Crasher. Ditch Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. This book is not to be confused with the movie about two guys who crash weddings for free booze and to hook up with women. In Stern’s The Wedding Crasher we’re dealing with a serial killer of brides-to-be.

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Persimmon Takes On Humanity by Christopher Locke

I recently spoke with author Christopher Locke at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., and we agreed on three very important authorly things. First, a tear-jerking novel is cathartic to write and therapeutic to read. Second, writing a story from an animal’s point of view is life-changing. Third, books can lend perspective and expand a reader’s worldview.

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In the Doghouse Wins the National Indie Excellence Award!

In the Doghouse Cover with NIEA Winner Seal
National Indie Excellence Seal

I’m super thrilled to announce that In the Doghouse has won the National Indie Excellence Award in fiction. This is a big deal for me because last year, Tiger Drive was a finalist. This year, we took the win! Congratulations to all involved, and thank you NIEA for supporting the indie community. Press Release.