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Good Stuff Is Happening

I am just back from a cruise through the Panama Canal. Next week, I’ll share some photos and a time-lapsed video. It was an inspiring trip in more ways than one, and I look forward to sharing more details with you.

But right now, I can’t wait to tell you some awesome news! As you know, I recently rolled out the landing page for my novel Tiger Drive. It’s being released in February 2018, and I will be sharing pre-order options, holiday gift cards, and bonus material soon.

I am officially now able to share that a portion of the proceeds of my novel will help fund the annual Tiger Drive Scholarship fund!

Thanks to generous friends, family, and strangers, we have been able to help eight students go to college in the past three years. They are now Dean’s List students šŸ™‚

When I think about all the people who helped me change my life and attend collegeĀ or when I think about the village of folks who have helped me become an author, I am overwhelmed by the fact that this scholarship and my dream to be published can now come together. And as a subscriber, you are one of those people who have helped make this all possible. I am beyond grateful to you.

I look forward to writing you next week.Ā Until then, thank you for being you.


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