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My Go-To Writing & Illustrating Resources

The only question I get more than 'Where are you now?'; or 'What do you write?' is 'How did you do [THIS]?'  in regards to creating.

Sharing is caring so I've started a list of resources I CONSTANTLY REFER TO AND RECOMMEND. And having these resources in one place is convenient for me, too. I hope you'll find some of the information useful, and if you'd like to talk more about my personal experience email me at

Courses I've Taken & Recommend

Story Genius with Author Accelerator: Author Accelerator offers a few packages for writers to work directly with an editing coach while writing a novel. So far, I've only tried Story Genius (and I'm 1/2 way through the course at this time), but I am learning an alternative way to approach a new book idea. Throughout the course you get to work with an editor/coach. My experience has been positive in large part due to a a writing group friend who is also in the course so we are sharing what we learn and providing feedback on our homework prior to submitting our work to the editor/coach. I do think parntering with a friend has fully leveraged the lessons for me.

Ann Linquist's Beginning Writers Workshop: Though I took this online course in 2011, it still exists and works. It really helped establish a habit of writing each week, and funny enough, I left the course with the first 500 words of Tiger Drive.

We Grow Media Mastermind: Dan Blank hosts a collaborative group of ~15 creative individuals. Each session is 3 months long. I did two Masterminds in a row and the content differed. I learned to establish my goals and strategy in the first session, and I learned how to collaborate on both sides of an idea--giving and receiving feedback--in both sessions. I preferred the structure and process of the first. I've maintained strong friendships and collaborations with several of my Mastermind peers, and I never would have met these people if not for Dan's Mastermind.

GET READ, Dan Blank, We Grow Media: This course is the perfect way to kickstart your author platform. My greatest lessons from Dan in GET READ were, one, it's okay to experiment, and two, no one will know I have a website until I'm ready to tell them. Both tips allowed me to get comfortable with the idea of being more open and public. That was over a year ago! P.S. I have maintained friendships with my 4 classmates and we share ideas.

Social Media Bliss, Jane Friedman: This course changed the way I use social media. I can praise Jane all day.

Webinar: Decoding Your Rejections: Getting Beyond Form Letters to Find Your Success, Writer's Digest w/Carly Watters

On Writing A Synopsis

How to Write a Book Synopsis by Carly Watters

The synopsis | Writing | Caro Clarke - writer

The Anatomy of a SHORT Synopsis - Pt 1

How to Write a 1-Page Synopsis

How to Write a Synopsis Without Losing Your Mind

Writing a Novel Synopsis by Jane Friedman

6 Steps for Writing a Book Synopsis

Synopsis Examples:   Synopsis Writing, A Guide to Literary Agents by Chuck Sambuchino

On Writing (books)



WILD WOMEN, WILD VOICES: Writing from Your Authentic Wildness by Judy Reeves

On Grammar and Composition

Warriner's English Grammar and Composition

Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss

stay tuned: I have another recommendation, a reference guide, but it's in storage due to our cross country move. I've been using it since college!

On Blogs by Agents and Mentors

Carly Watters, Sr. Literary Agent, P.S. Literary Agency

Jessica Faust, President & Literary Agent, BookEnds - a literary agency

Dan Blank, We Grow Media, Weekly Newsletter

DearEditor.Com with Deborah Halverson

Newsletter with Jane Friedman 

The Hot Sheet with Jane Friedman and Porter Anderson. This is the "essential publishing industry newsletter for authors." It's a paid-for subscription that is inexpensive but every other Wednesday it summarizes the current news in the publishiing industry.

Feeling Foreign in Colombia - Heidi Ayarbe (she has a "for writers" tab I constantly look to)

And I follow the blogs of my favorite authors to see how, what, and why they communicate.

On Publishing


Publishing 101: A First-Time Author's Guide to Getting Published, Marketing and Promoting Your Book, and Building a Successful Career by Jane Friedman

On Writing Memoirs

The Best Way to Meet Your Parents (my post)

Stay tuned: Let me narrow down my list for book recommendations.

On Children’s Picture Books

Basics to Sketchbook Pro 6 for Beginners Tutorial by Toolbox Studios (I honestly learned to draw from this single video, watched numerous times of course) This guy has tons of videos on YouTube and I've subscribed to him.

Sketchbook Prothe software I use for digital drawing

Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet (CTL470)Digital drawing table that connects to my computer. I've had mine for several years. I'm sure the newer versions are awesome, too.

Artbook Bindery Publishing

Writing Picture Books: A Hands-On Guide from Story Creation to Publication by Ann Whitford Paul

Teri Case Vitality Stories

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