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5 Things You Should Know About Me


I have nine brothers and sisters and am #7. When I was little, people would try to explain that some of my older siblings were actually “half-siblings.” I’d tell them they didn’t know what they were talking about.


In the first grade, I drew a clown. Mrs. Sausberry hung it on the classroom wall for several weeks. One day when we had a substitute teacher, I wanted to make sure the sub knew how talented I was, so instead of just telling her I drew the clown, I told her I needed to take the picture home for my parents. When Mrs. S returned the next day, she asked me where the clown had gone. I told her I took it home and she said, “That’s a shame. I was saving it for the annual art fair.” That afternoon, I ran home from the bus to find my picture so I could take it back to school the next day, but someone had scribbled on it to get a pen to work. I haven’t been comfortable with attention since!


To date, the only movie I’ve watched more than Grease is Xanadu. Go, Olivia!


For three years in college, I witnessed weddings for the Justice of the Peace for four hours, three Saturdays a month. I’d get $5 per wedding, and Judge Willis would not only buy me lunch, but he’d also let me drive his Z28 to pick it up. When completing the happy couples’ wedding certificates, I always had to confirm the details of the marriage license, such as “Mrs. X, this will be your third marriage?” One time, the groom stood up and said, “What?! You’ve been married three times? I’m not marrying you!” And he stormed out. I never saw him again, but I did witness her wedding to someone else a few months later.


Bloomingdales in New York City pulled me out of a crowd to do my makeup when I was twenty. It was a Revlon counter. I was with my friends, Julie and Apryl. When I bought some of the makeup, I had my choice to get a free umbrella or a haircut. I caused a riot when I said,  “Umbrella.” Apryl, Julie, and everyone watching demanded I cut and style my frizzy hair. I’ve been wearing lipstick and hair product ever since.


So, I can’t count! The best advice anyone ever gave me was my oldest sister, Candy when I was fifteen: You become who you hate.

Okay, spill the beans. What are five things I should know about you? Email me, please.

Thank you for being you!!


P.S. It’s finally summer in Ithaca (no, this isn’t me)


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